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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let Me Take A Second to Introduce Myself..........,

Allow me to Re-Introduce myself, my name is............,
Hold on, there will be no Jay-Z swagger jacking today! Most of you probably already know me or know of someone who does know me. I'm pretty sure they will tell you I'm cool people, but that's about it because they don't know much else about me. They may know what I like, but they don't know what makes me tick. They may know where I am from, but they don't know where I've been or where I am going. In a way, they are sleeping on me. Hell, I've been sleeping on myself. And its amazing b/c in a way, my life mirrors the same image of people's relationship with Urban Culture and Music. We know where it's from, but we don't know where its going, and we've forgotten where it was at one time. We may like it, but we don't value it, so we just take it for what it is. No one expects anyone from this kind of background to do anything with themselves, so why push for greatness, right? They are Sleeping on us; We are Sleeping on ourselves! We take what is placed in front of us at face value and that is it. We don't want to look any deeper, we don't want to try to improve. Hell, we don't want to know what's wrong(or right for that matter)! Now, while the Arts of Urban culture are but a small piece within a very large, intricate puzzle, this was often the area where awareness thrived, talent was honed, shaped, sharpened, and polished. Now, it seems like we only have the opposite. Its like having a meal placed in front of you, and your happy b/c its HOT, but nothing else is right about it. It smells bad, tastes terrible, and you got the sharts as a result of eating it. We don't care though, BECAUSE IT WAS HOT! I know most of you are thinking, "Who's this high on the hog ass clown preaching at me!" I'm nobody special. I have no musical background, I can't draw or act, I'm not rich, and I don't have any big entertainment business connections. I'm just an ordinary guy. I'm clumsy, I make a million mistakes a day. I take a while to understand things sometimes. However, I'm also that guy who loves people and the things that we are capable of doing when we take the time, WAKE UP, and put our minds to it. I'm that guy who's going to give his best effort to swipe that crap off your plate and actually give you something a little different that you may like, hell even love. It will be a little bit of old and a little bit of new, but it won't be the same. That's who I am. That's what I'm gonna try to do. Forgive me for the serious intro, I just figured I'd get that out of my system. I'm ready to have some fun now, though. I hope ya'll enjoy my spot. Thank you for letting me share a touch of my life with you. The Podcast is coming soon, stay tuned................

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