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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Late Night with The Roots!

Over the next week or so, I will be posting the incredible work by the Legendary Roots Crew! For those who don't know, This group has over 15years strong in the game. Right now, they are the resident band for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon(Its a great position, but it truly does not serve them justice, they should not play second fiddle to anyone). Needless to say, they are AMAZING! Besides the INCREDIBLE instrumentals, I find it amazing that Black Thought comes in and just seemlessly destroys these dudes' tracks. I find it amazing how the group as a whole will probably never get the credit they truly deserve, despite everything they have done for the music in their career. In the meantime, check Luda and the Thought bless this joint. Remember, They Do it for Hip Hop!
Much Love to Questlove! Peace to Rap Godfathers!

Download Joell Ortiz Exhibit mp3

Download Joell Ortiz Exhibit mp3

This dude Joell goes in over the Exhibit C track and teaches us a little about Hatian history. Lets go people

Erykah Badu ft. Lil Wayne

Erykah Badu ft. Lil Wayne
Why Erykah, Why?!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pill’s Creative Loafing Cover

Pill’s Creative Loafing Cover
Bottom line, this dude is a true Atlanta product who is as real as it gets. Peep the story and check the video. No matter where you from, you front on this dude, you either fake or you frontin on yourself, bottom line. Still need convincing, peep this out

Little Brother To Release Final Album, LeftBack | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales

Little Brother To Release Final Album, LeftBack | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales
Please Say it Aint So Ya'll! Well, I tell you what, after 10 years of consistent greatness out of you guys as a group, I can understand that you may wish to spread your wings a lil' bit. All I really can do is say thank you very much for the memorable music you guys have made. I only hope that I can ya'll perform atleast once. Who's gonna argue with me that these guys are possibly the most underrated duo or group in Hip Hop History? Didn't think so.
Check Out Gordon Gartrell Radio as well ya'll. Greatness so often goes unrewarded, its sickening.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brick A$$ Cold Winter Podcast, Episode 2

I spent half of my winter in Honduras. During the Holidays, I was on the beach, rocking shorts and a T-Shirts, walking around in 80 degree weather. Now I never thought that I'd say this, but part of me missed the bone chilling cold of the North, or make that the East coast period. Ever so often I would find myself thinking about the days when me and my boys would be roaming the streets, bundled up in First Down Coats or Bomber Leather Jackets, wool gloves and skull caps. I remember when I first moved to Atlanta, that first winter shocked the hell outta me b/c I'd heard all this stuff about HotLanta; I move down there and it decides to snow. The entire grid shut down off of 2 inches of snow! So not only was it cold outside, but my heat and electricity was off so it was cold inside as well. Its not cool waking up, seeing your breath blowing(think of what Bruce Willis' character's wife looked like in 'The 6th Sense' when they revealed he was dead). Yeah, the cold sucks, but the nostalgia doesn't. One thing I would always keep handy was my walkman/discman. For a very long time, I was a dedicated foot soldier, and the only thing that would take my mind off the cold was my music. I remember catching folks at night out on the corner trying to get the cypher going in the blistering cold. That's dedication right there. These tracks here put me into that mindframe. All my cold weather heads need to feel me on this. Throw this on and zone out to your coldest winter memories(and I ain't talkin about no Kanye West either)!
zSHARE - Brick A__ Cold Winter mix.mp3

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peace to My Brothers over At The Audacity of Dope

"My Homey DJ Hyphen, My Partner J.Moore!"
Just showing a little love to these two fellow music lovers straight out of Seattle. DO NOT SLEEP PEOPLE, the weather in Seattle might suck, but these two brothers host quite possibly the best radio show that some out right now. And Yet, for whatever reason there are still those of you whom have never heard of it or them. STOP DENYING YOURSELVES PEOPLE, FOR GOD'S SAKE! You know what, here:
Familiarize yourselves with The Audacity of Dope, and while your at it, check the site above

Nas and Damian Marley Tracks For your Ear Drum

Here goes 2 God's Son and Jr Gong tracks for your listening ears.
I saw them perform these tracks over the summer, needless to say, AMAZING!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boxing News, Will Mosley v. Mayweather become a Reality

Those of you who know me are of the knowledge that I am a HUGE Boxing fan. I am a true follower and admirer of the sport. Recently, we lost two very big events in the sport as Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao couldn't come to an agreement on what the protocol would be for Performance enhancement drug testing; also, while this fight was not quite as significant, it is a bit more reasonable and tragic as Andre Berto pulled out of his welterweight unification bout with Shane Mosley due to loss of family in Haiti(don't forget to donate ya'll). This being the case, in this turn of events, the opportunity for a Mosley vs Mayweather Showdown has been transformed from fantasy to very close reality. Both men's schedules are now free. Truth be told, there is no reason for one not to face the other. Certain fans may know about the issues that have come up in trying to make this fight happen in this past(anyone remember the infamous toothache issue from Mosley, or Floyd whining about how he tried to fight him 10yrs ago but couldn't so now he's ignoring him!). However, be that as it may, there is no doubt that this match has the potential to be an extremely epic match between 2 of the best fighters in the business. Lets just hope that egoes, injuries, and other numerous catastrophes don't get in the way of this match happening.

Mick Boogie x NVME x Duck Down Records - Survival Kit (Mixtape)

Mick Boogie x NVME x Duck Down Records - Survival Kit (Mixtape)
Duck Down Peeps!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Are Sleeping, The Podcast Episode 1 Cruisin'

Pop this in your dash while your cruisin underneath the bright stars and street lights. Stay Tuned...........,

Bun B - The Best In The World (OG Mix)

Bun B - The Best In The World (OG Mix)
Peace to NahRIght and Bun B for droppin this sheer dopeness for your ears. Take A taste and savor it. Peace Statik Selektah, you took country fried rap tunes and served that shit up in a five star restaurant with this shit brother!

Gorillaz feat. Bobby Womack

Gorillaz feat. Bobby Womack
Peace to My peeps over at Nahright! Come on now, Mos Def and Bobby Womack! What's f'in with that?

Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon - Our Dreams | New Hip Hop Music & All The New Rap Songs 2010

Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon - Our Dreams | New Hip Hop Music
Not bad, I think they coulda flipped the sample better, but over all, tight. Waitin on the LP!

Sean P says Duck Down

Who would honestly front on this? Oh no, don't tell me ya'll have been sleeping on that Kimbo Price mixtape that came out way too long ago for you to have an excuse?

Lupe Fiasco x Kenna x Mike Shinoda - Resurrection

Lupe Fiasco x Kenna x Mike Shinoda - Resurrection
Lupe Fiasco x Kenna x Mike Shinoda - Resurrection


This is a great look. Music For Relief has put together a free compliation of songs that is offering for download in exchange for an (optional but very neccessary) donation. So download this song, but if you have the means, please be sure to donate as well.

On January 12, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. Hundreds of thousands are feared dead, many of whom are children. Millions more are in need of medical attention, shelter, clothes and food - just to make it through the days ahead. It will take years to rebuild homes and communities. You can help. Lupe has partnered with Music for Relief by donating/recording a brand new track “Resurrection” with Kenna to support the Haitian Earthquake response effort. Artists include: ALANIS MORISSETTE, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, HOOBASTANK, KENNA, LINKIN PARK, LUPE FIASCO, PETER GABRIEL AND SLASH. You can join us and support of the immediate relief and long-term recovery process in Haiti by downloading the music player, listening to your favorite songs and making a donation for your downloads. Visit to download and donate Funds raised through the program will support the United Nation’s rapid disaster response efforts through the UN Foundation , the long-term rebuilding of sustainable homes with Habitat for Humanity and Dave Matthews Band’s BAMA Works Haitian relief efforts. 100% of funds received will go directly to the Haiti efforts. DOWNLOAD. LISTEN. DONATE. SPREAD THE WORD. BRING HOPE. - Mike Shinoda

NBA JAM Returns in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got this in an email, looks like I'm gonna be reliving my childhood this summer. Now if I could only get my hops back...............,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let Me Take A Second to Introduce Myself..........,

Allow me to Re-Introduce myself, my name is............,
Hold on, there will be no Jay-Z swagger jacking today! Most of you probably already know me or know of someone who does know me. I'm pretty sure they will tell you I'm cool people, but that's about it because they don't know much else about me. They may know what I like, but they don't know what makes me tick. They may know where I am from, but they don't know where I've been or where I am going. In a way, they are sleeping on me. Hell, I've been sleeping on myself. And its amazing b/c in a way, my life mirrors the same image of people's relationship with Urban Culture and Music. We know where it's from, but we don't know where its going, and we've forgotten where it was at one time. We may like it, but we don't value it, so we just take it for what it is. No one expects anyone from this kind of background to do anything with themselves, so why push for greatness, right? They are Sleeping on us; We are Sleeping on ourselves! We take what is placed in front of us at face value and that is it. We don't want to look any deeper, we don't want to try to improve. Hell, we don't want to know what's wrong(or right for that matter)! Now, while the Arts of Urban culture are but a small piece within a very large, intricate puzzle, this was often the area where awareness thrived, talent was honed, shaped, sharpened, and polished. Now, it seems like we only have the opposite. Its like having a meal placed in front of you, and your happy b/c its HOT, but nothing else is right about it. It smells bad, tastes terrible, and you got the sharts as a result of eating it. We don't care though, BECAUSE IT WAS HOT! I know most of you are thinking, "Who's this high on the hog ass clown preaching at me!" I'm nobody special. I have no musical background, I can't draw or act, I'm not rich, and I don't have any big entertainment business connections. I'm just an ordinary guy. I'm clumsy, I make a million mistakes a day. I take a while to understand things sometimes. However, I'm also that guy who loves people and the things that we are capable of doing when we take the time, WAKE UP, and put our minds to it. I'm that guy who's going to give his best effort to swipe that crap off your plate and actually give you something a little different that you may like, hell even love. It will be a little bit of old and a little bit of new, but it won't be the same. That's who I am. That's what I'm gonna try to do. Forgive me for the serious intro, I just figured I'd get that out of my system. I'm ready to have some fun now, though. I hope ya'll enjoy my spot. Thank you for letting me share a touch of my life with you. The Podcast is coming soon, stay tuned................