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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brick A$$ Cold Winter Podcast, Episode 2

I spent half of my winter in Honduras. During the Holidays, I was on the beach, rocking shorts and a T-Shirts, walking around in 80 degree weather. Now I never thought that I'd say this, but part of me missed the bone chilling cold of the North, or make that the East coast period. Ever so often I would find myself thinking about the days when me and my boys would be roaming the streets, bundled up in First Down Coats or Bomber Leather Jackets, wool gloves and skull caps. I remember when I first moved to Atlanta, that first winter shocked the hell outta me b/c I'd heard all this stuff about HotLanta; I move down there and it decides to snow. The entire grid shut down off of 2 inches of snow! So not only was it cold outside, but my heat and electricity was off so it was cold inside as well. Its not cool waking up, seeing your breath blowing(think of what Bruce Willis' character's wife looked like in 'The 6th Sense' when they revealed he was dead). Yeah, the cold sucks, but the nostalgia doesn't. One thing I would always keep handy was my walkman/discman. For a very long time, I was a dedicated foot soldier, and the only thing that would take my mind off the cold was my music. I remember catching folks at night out on the corner trying to get the cypher going in the blistering cold. That's dedication right there. These tracks here put me into that mindframe. All my cold weather heads need to feel me on this. Throw this on and zone out to your coldest winter memories(and I ain't talkin about no Kanye West either)!
zSHARE - Brick A__ Cold Winter mix.mp3


  1. about to listen to this while i edit photos ...i'm already trying to guess what you got on it

  2. Your gonna love itm how'd you like the last one?