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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Allow me to Introduce You To Soul Khan..........

OMG, THIS GUY........



Friday, February 26, 2010

Video: Jay Electronica Praises Soulja Boy

Video: Jay Electronica Praises Soulja Boy
You know, I gotta give Jay Electronica alot of credit. Not just for his skills, but for the fact that he is possibly the most humble, modest cat to have ever raised an eyebrow in hip hop and at the same time be that talented. Most dudes who are blessed with his ability would go out of their way to diss and challenge anyone on a daily basis(Canibus, anyone?), but not this guy. I mean, he actually went out of his way to give Soulja Boy props! I know I wouldn't do that if placed in the same position, so I gotta give this man his just due. Wiseman, teach us more!LOL Ya'll look out for this guy soon.

You Are Sleeping: Episode 6 Lyricists Love the Ladies

Real Emcees Love Women! Real Emcees Know how to put those words and feelings to paper in ways other than, "Yeah Bitch you fine, It ain't trickin' if you got it, and I just bought you five drinks, lets fuck!" Whether its heads talking about there preferences, what the ladies look like, one night stands, or deep relationships, this mix provides just a few examples of real spittin' about the embodiments of sugar and spice. Shit real women might actually want to hear! Joints where you make them actually feel sexy(That's the key, rookies)! Joints where women may actually feel and recognize how we feel about them. I slipped on a few, but hey, no one is perfect. Recognize the real ya'll, and enjoy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Herbal Verbals: Sweet Dedications to Miss Mary Jane

Wussup Peoples! What I am doing right now might as well be considered blasphemy considering I have never smoked weed in my life!!LOL However, I am not a snob who thinks there is something wrong with people that do. In fact, this mix was made specifically to pay TRIBUTE to the genious that this little green plant has inspired musically over the years. Much due respect to these artists; and to all my dro blowin, hash smokin, bowl token, blunt rollin' heads out there, do your thing but be safe peoples.
One Love

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

zSHARE - DJ Hyphen and J. Moore - Sunday Night Sound Session_ Show 246_ 2-14-10.mp3

zSHARE - DJ Hyphen and J. Moore - Sunday Night Sound Session_ Show 246_ 2-14-10.mp3
Peace to my brothers over at the Audacity of Dope! Love ya'll Dudes, man, keep this show going. Here goes what they threw together for Valentine's Day. It wasn't like my mix tho, they ain't ready! :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

You Are Sleeping Episode 4: Love Potion # 9

Caution, exposure to this mix has caused couples to disappear into their bedrooms and not return for days on end. It is recommended that this mix be played as an accomplice to candlelit dinners, and bedrooms equipped with black or red lights. Happy Valentine's Day to You All, you are extremely welcome in advance! :-)
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 Things real quick...........Haiti and John Mayer

I got 2 Things to get off my chest right now. I'm not gonna be too serious on this joint too often, but there is always a moment where you need to let folks know the real. And the real today is A: People Need to Stop Complaining about the relief aid being sent to Haiti, and B: John Mayer needs to be duffed in the mouth.

OK, A, why are people complaining about the blessings being given to the Haitian people? Yes, we all got together and raised a large amount of money to give to Haiti(don't forget to make your donation, people are still suffering and dying over there. Check the page for the link), in the midst of this country being in a financial crisis. If anything, this really makes a statement as far as what are true standing is on this planet, where we can be considered "in financial crisis" but still have the means to help another country recently struck by disaster and tragedy. Bottom line, helping those people over there was the "Human" thing to do, period. You wouldn't ignore a man who you saw shot, dying in the street would you? Yes, we have our own problems in America, but we need to really put our issues in perspective. Those people out there live like shit, period. They come out here to the States, see folks who live in the impoverished areas and are like, "Ya'll muhfuckas is RICH"! A large percentage of those people out there live in houses with rusted tin roofs, dirt floors and no running water. That's ALL some of those people had, and now they don't even have that because it was destroyed by an earthquake whose total force was equal to that of the A-Bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. It would've been a crime NOT to help those people.

B, I think John Mayer is gonna have to get extra security. He just shot himself directly in the foot with his recent comments in an interview with Playboy. It does not surprise me though because this mentality is still prevalant in our country. What did your boy say in "A Soldier's Story", oh yeah, "They Still Hate YOU!"
Now this is not relevant to all people, but there are a large percentage of white people who do feel this way(And Vice Versa, just because your black don't mean your not racist. Hating someone for the color of their skin is just foul). The same ones who eat, drink, work, and play with black people are the same ones who would lose their minds if their daughter brought a black man home to announce their engagement. John should be a little extra ashamed of himself though. He plays the damn blues guitar for God's Sake! He recieves all types of props and accolades from Black Artists and has millions of Black fans. Yet, he felt bold enough to say some shit like that in a worldwide distributed publication! Did he not realize the magnitude of what he was saying. Did he not recognize the ramifications a statement like this could cause him. What's frightening is that it may not cost him a thing. We as African Americans don't seem to hold our women up to a high enough standard to begin with. We might just ignore it and say, "FUck it, I love that dudes music anyway, who cares who he fucks". We did it with R.Kelly, right, "Cuz He Good!" Who cares if someone else added to the already too prevalent mindstate that black women aren't beautiful. Oh Well, I can only do what I do and I am a hater anyway so, NOW DELETING COMMON FT JOHN MAYER-GO.

RIP Jay Dilla! Peace to RappersIKnow for this Jewel

It truly is a shame these two never got to work together. Peep it as they get DILLMATIC! Props to SqueekBoogie for the Jewel!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

People Called me a Hater for saying this, well, hear it from the horse's mouth!

Vick admits to laziness and complacency in Atlanta


There are a lot of Atlanta Falcons fans who still love Michael Vick(notes), and will always love Michael Vick. Why this is so, I'm not entirely sure, because it seems like with each passing day, Michael Vick makes a new effort to let the people at Atlanta know that he played them for chumps, every single step of the way.

First, while he was supposed to be saving the franchise and leading them to the promised land, he was also busy unleashing a holy war on the puppies of the area.

That's a crime, of course, and it cost him a good portion of his football career and ended his stay with the Falcons. If you want to stick by Vick's side through that, that's fine. I get it. He's a man, he made a mistake, and he deserves forgiveness. As long as he's dedicated to the home team, we can forgive a human foible and move on, right?

Well, what if, at the same time, he didn't give a damn about the home team, either?

Vick told 790 AM The Zone in Atlanta that while he played for the Falcons, he wasn't giving 100%. Now, I'm sure a lot of people already had a hunch that Vick didn't get the most out of his abilities, but hearing him admit is another thing. Vick openly admits that he wasn't anywhere near the quarterback he should have been. From

"There was a lot more I could have done off the field and in the film room that could have elevated my game to a different level," Vick said. "I was complacent at the time, somewhat lazy, and I settled for mediocrity. I thought what I was doing was enough."


"Just imagine what I could have been doing if I really would have been applying myself. That's a regret I have."

Now, there are a real crimes, and there are crimes against sports. Obviously, real crimes are worse.

But crimes against sports can be funny things. In a way, they're a bigger betrayal, because when we care so much and invest so much energy in our favorite players in teams, it can hurt to know that they didn't care even as much as you did.

Take Pete Rose, for example. His major offense in life was a crime against sports. He bet on baseball. Yet, he's barred from the game, he's become a joke and he's basically a sports pariah. And yet, how many wife beaters and guys with multiple DUIs -- real crimes that are clearly worse -- take the field with no real consequences, day in and day out?

This newest Vick crime, the one against sports, is a serious one, because he's gotten some insane amounts of unconditional love from the people of Atlanta, and what did he give them in return? Was he a model citizen and pillar of the community? No. Did he bust his hump to help the Falcons and work hard to be the best player he could be? Nope. He just admitted as much.

It seems like the love in that relationship has only gone one way. They loved Vick, and in return, he took their money, he took their cheers on Sunday, and he spit in their faces. Not just by his off-field activities, but by not caring about the game, either.

Props to MJD over at Yahoo. I know we should let the man live, but damn Mike, you comin squeaky clean huh?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Are Sleeping, The Podcast Episode 3, The Mindstate of the Grind/We Gonna Make It

No matter what you are doing to make ends meet in your life, while the end results are fulfilling and give you a sense of worth, the things you have to do to get there are what suck. And it doesn't matter what you do, what your grind or hustle is, it will take a toll on you. At the end of the day, you may feel triumphant, you may just want to relax, you may feel like a champion, but the process is why we call it the Grind. This was the mindset I was in while making this mix. The thrill of the hustle, the drain of the grind, the joy and feeling of triumph at the conclusion of your day, and the satisfaction of being able to finally rest. Here's to all of my people out there gettin' it done. Be proud of yourselves and recognize your worth. Realize that the road is never easy, and there is always gonna be things or people that step in your way to deter you from what your end goal is. However, push through those obstacles and you will reap the benefit in the end. We will get there peeps, we will get there. Much Love

Tuesday, February 2, 2010