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Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Are Sleeping: The Symphony Pt 2: From East To West


Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Lil Something You May want to Check Out: Broken Bells

I've always been a Danger Mouse Fan. Long Before the Infamous Jay-Z/Beatles Grey Album fiasco(which I honestly didn't think was that good to begin with) I was bumping "What You Sittin' On" off his project he did with an emcee by the name of Jemini that still bumps to this day(If you haven't heard it yet, well, read my page title). Anyway, from his work with Cee-Lo(Gnarles Barkley) to the joints he has done with Gorillaz and DOOM, he is definitely an artist worth checking out. Anyway, his latest work isn't necessarily a hip-hop production, but it is still dope, nonetheless(Open your mind people!) This new release with Shins Guitarist James Mercer(another group he has worked with), self titled Broken Bells is definitely worthy of praise. Check it out if ya got the time, in the meantime, here goes a little taste:

Friday, March 19, 2010

You Are Sleeping: The Symphony Pt 1: A Dedication to Posse Cuts

This is a 2 part show dedicated to my favorite Posse Cuts. I've always been a fan of the Posse Joint on records. There was a time when the Posse joint would almost always be one if not the best track on the album. Simply put, these Cuts would give rappers that extra nudge in terms of motivation to go in on a track and black out. Nobody wants to be the cat on the Posse Cut with the weak verse. Rediculous arguments have broken out between me and my boys over numerous tracks and who had the craziest verse. I remember reading the tracklistings on tracks and getting rediculously amped when I would read about one of my favorite rappers getting on a track with another favorite of mine. There was no greater feeling then the anticipation of listening to your favorite emcee go in on a track. And if they owned the track, that was bragging rights for days, Hell Years. Anyway, here goes a plethora of dope posse cuts for your listening ears! Enjoy, and Tune in Sunday for Pt 2.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

FLy GYpsy

I first heard of these guys while I was in Honduras. I felt my ears perk up a bit when I read the review about "A Jamaican Emcee and a Russian Producer", and I thought to myself, hmmm, that's interesting. Well, 4mos Later, they have a committed fan on their hands. I love 'em, and nothing anyone can say or do is gonna change that. Do your thing fellas, I see ya.

Friday, March 12, 2010

N.C. teacher writes 'loser' on assignments

N.C. teacher writes 'loser' on assignments

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I guess with teachers like this, its no wonder that our society is headed towards a baffling state of hopelessness. I can't even lie, this teacher would've gotten snuffed for some shit like that. I can't believe he didn't get fired initially. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what made the issue come to light THIS time?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wu-Tang Vs The Golden Phoenix Movie Trailer

Let's Hope this one doesn't meet the same fate as Bobby Digital!

You Are Sleeping: The Biggie Tribute Mix

Nothing More Needs to be said.

Christopher Wallace
May 21, 1972 - March 9, 1997
Rest In Peace Brother

Friday, March 5, 2010

You Are Sleeping, The Podcast: Ain't Nothing GOod in the Hood Mix

This mix was really close to my heart b/c I kinda tip toed the line between being broke and dirt poor(there is a difference) all my life up until now. I worked 2 jobs in high school and so did my mother(I helped her with her second job so you could say I had 3 gigs back then). Until a few years ago, my life was check to check and I better budget right or I ain't eatin' for a few days. Hell, during those high school days, There were some days when if I didn't bring dinner home from Mcdonald's or Chic-Fil-A, we would be short. And the funny thing about it was, even struggling like that, my mother made too much money for us to go on assistance, so it definitely felt like a no win situation sometimes. That being the case, I could only imagine what these poets who wrote these tracks went through in order to write such heartfelt lyrics that completely capture the emotions they felt while going through their own struggles. Sad part is, all the while, coming from that type of background nothing is expected of you anyway. Whether it is the crabs in the neighborhood trying to pull you down, or the snobs who don't live there that place their false assumptions on your back and write them in ink inside their mind, you aren't getting much help from either side of the tracks. My heart is full of admiration for the people who made it out of the jungle that is the hood and the quicksand that is the streets. Therefore, for this mix, I sought out tracks that spoke the truth about the pain of the everyday struggle in this life. Not tracks glorifying being from the hood, but tracks speaking on the struggle of trying to escape it's grasp. As many good memories as one may have from those times, nobody wants to live like that forever. Ultimately though b/c of fear, peer pressure, addiction, ignorance, and an overall feeling of true hopelessness, alot of people end up being stuck in these very real situations. Take a walk with me through these days, and completely understand that no matter how many people might brag about this life, there is NOTHING glorious about it. Recognize it for youreself, and enjoy the music.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This definitely fits my philosophy on music, 100%

Its A shame no one understands this. Being good at what you do, IS GOOD FOR YOU! This guy J-Smooth goes into extreme depth as to how successful lyrical rappers are as opposed to dudes who think if they drop one ringtone and a bullshit album, they will be able to sustain their lives forever. Lets take a look at where this theory definitely sticks out. Harold Miner, coming out of college was looked upon as being "The Next Jordan", hell his nickname was BABY JORDAN! He was just about the same size as Jordan(MJ had an inch on him) and he had close to the same level of Athleticism as Jordan. However, he did not want to work on his game. Don't ask me why, cuz I don't know, but we all know how big of a gym rat Jordan was. Harold Miner had a shoe deal coming out of college, that of which he lost upon his second year in the NBA. He lost it because he did not perform. And we can only assume that he did not perform b/c he did not hone his craft. Jordan is one of the richest athletes EVER b/c of his shoe and clothing line endorsements alone. He wasn't nearly paid what he was worth to the Bulls while he was playing there(what price would you put on 6 titles?). His career was also much longer, Miner was booted out of the NBA within 4yrs, Jordan just stopped playing a few years ago and he started long before Harold Miner did. Skills pay the bills people. Its the same in every other genre of, well anything really. It should not be any different in hip hop music, but for whatever reason, people want to put forth that illusion that you have to pretend to be stupid and dumb yourself down in order to sell records. Not true ya'll, get it together.