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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This definitely fits my philosophy on music, 100%

Its A shame no one understands this. Being good at what you do, IS GOOD FOR YOU! This guy J-Smooth goes into extreme depth as to how successful lyrical rappers are as opposed to dudes who think if they drop one ringtone and a bullshit album, they will be able to sustain their lives forever. Lets take a look at where this theory definitely sticks out. Harold Miner, coming out of college was looked upon as being "The Next Jordan", hell his nickname was BABY JORDAN! He was just about the same size as Jordan(MJ had an inch on him) and he had close to the same level of Athleticism as Jordan. However, he did not want to work on his game. Don't ask me why, cuz I don't know, but we all know how big of a gym rat Jordan was. Harold Miner had a shoe deal coming out of college, that of which he lost upon his second year in the NBA. He lost it because he did not perform. And we can only assume that he did not perform b/c he did not hone his craft. Jordan is one of the richest athletes EVER b/c of his shoe and clothing line endorsements alone. He wasn't nearly paid what he was worth to the Bulls while he was playing there(what price would you put on 6 titles?). His career was also much longer, Miner was booted out of the NBA within 4yrs, Jordan just stopped playing a few years ago and he started long before Harold Miner did. Skills pay the bills people. Its the same in every other genre of, well anything really. It should not be any different in hip hop music, but for whatever reason, people want to put forth that illusion that you have to pretend to be stupid and dumb yourself down in order to sell records. Not true ya'll, get it together.

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