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Friday, March 19, 2010

You Are Sleeping: The Symphony Pt 1: A Dedication to Posse Cuts

This is a 2 part show dedicated to my favorite Posse Cuts. I've always been a fan of the Posse Joint on records. There was a time when the Posse joint would almost always be one if not the best track on the album. Simply put, these Cuts would give rappers that extra nudge in terms of motivation to go in on a track and black out. Nobody wants to be the cat on the Posse Cut with the weak verse. Rediculous arguments have broken out between me and my boys over numerous tracks and who had the craziest verse. I remember reading the tracklistings on tracks and getting rediculously amped when I would read about one of my favorite rappers getting on a track with another favorite of mine. There was no greater feeling then the anticipation of listening to your favorite emcee go in on a track. And if they owned the track, that was bragging rights for days, Hell Years. Anyway, here goes a plethora of dope posse cuts for your listening ears! Enjoy, and Tune in Sunday for Pt 2.

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